What’s the fee for a phone consultation?

We charge a fee of $100 for a phone consultation. If you’re unable to spend $100 for us to provide you with our knowledge and guidance, then we’re unable to assist you with your musical journey. It’s taken us many years and we’ve spent a lot of money to develop our understanding of the music industry. We can help you avoid the pitfalls that we experienced on many occasions.

What do I need for the phone consultation?

If you are wanting feedback about a song you’re preparing to release and guidance on what type of campaign you should establish to promote the song, then you will need to email the song to us prior to our phone consultation. If you are wanting guidance on your career, then you’ll need provide us some of your previous work so we can get an understanding of the things you’ve done so far.

Do I need a phone consultation?

Yes! Without a phone consultation, we’re unable to provide you guidance on your current situation and your upcoming releases. It’s irresponsible for someone to promise you results, without speaking to you. If someone tells you that they will make you a star, then provide you with a list of services you can choose from, run fast in the other direction.

How long is the phone consultation?

The phone consultation is scheduled to last a maximum of 1 hour. If you need more time, then you can schedule another consultation. We are here to provide you with as much knowledge and information that you need. We aren’t here to sell you services. If you want our assistance beyond advice, we are more than happy to create a unique plan for you and assist you in executing the plan for a fee.

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Will you help me develop a plan for my song or career?

Sure! After a phone consultation, we can assist you with developing a plan for your song or career. We charge a fee to create the plan. You can implement the plan on your own or you can have us implement it for you.

Will my plan really be unique to me?

Of course! We don’t provide you a cookie cutter plan with a list of services attached that you can choose from. If a specific tool doesn’t fit your situation, then we will not suggest using it. For example, if you decide you want to release your music video on Worldstar Hip-Hop’s channel then we may not suggest you use YouTube ads to promote the music video, but maybe just to promote the audio video.

What’s included in the plan?

The plan is our guidance of how we would approach promoting your song or career. For example, we will determine the type of influencer you should hire and the type of fan you should target. We do not provide you with a list of influencers or any other specific information within the plan. It’s your job to use the guidance we provide you to fill in the specific details. We will provide you examples to get you off on the right track.

Can I hire you to execute the plan?

Yes you can. Once you hire us to help execute the plan, this is when we will reach out to people on your behalf to negotiate fees. All you’ll have to do is review the specific details and let us know if anything needs to be changed before we activate any part of the plan. Our social media team will guide you on content generation, messaging, and fan cultivation. When you hire us, you instantly expand your team and your experience. This will help increase your chances for success.

INDIE MUSIC GUIDE, indie music advice, how to start a music business, free ebook, music business advice


Can I get a refund?

We are always striving to provide the highest quality of service. If the service has not started, then you are entitled to a full refund. Once the service begins, we may decide to not honor your refund requests due to the fact that resources may have already been used to deliver the service.

When can I submit a refund request?

To make sure you receive a full refund, we recommend you submit your requests before the service has started. Once we submit payment to a third-party to execute the service, then the service will be considered to have started as soon as the third-party accepts payment. We will have to honor the third-party’s refund policy. Normally the people and companies we work with are fairly reasonable and will refund the money in a timely manner. If they refuse to do so, then we will not be held liable for their decision.

When will my refund be processed?

Refunds are typically processed within 1 to 2 business days. Check with your financial institution as to when a refund will appear in your account.

Can I get a refund for a plan that was created for me?

If the plan has been delivered to you, then no you can not receive a refund. Once we begin developing the plan, you will receive a refund based on how much has been completed. So, if at the time that you submit a refund requests 50% of the plan has been crafted, then we will provide you the portion of the plan that has been completed and refund 50% of the purchase price. This way we are compensated for the work we have completed and you get what you paid for.

INDIE MUSIC GUIDE, indie music advice, how to start a music business, free ebook, music business advice